Making a months filter

I know this should be easy but i. cant manage to do it - i have a date field and i want to make a filter that filters by whole months (jan / feb etc…)
whats is the best way to do it so that they will be ordered according to the months and not according to the first letter (January first and not April)


Elements in dropdown/list controls seems to use string ordering by default. So, in this case, you could can use the numeric month representation at the start of each month’s name for it to maintain order in the control.

01 (JAN)
02 (FEB)
03 (MAR)
12 (DEC)

For filtering, you would need another calculated field called formattedMonth as follows:

     left(format({date}, 'MM/dd/yyyy'), 2),
     ' (', left(format({date}, 'MMM/dd/yyyy'), 3) ,')'

Then you would add a filter on formattedMonth equals to the parameter you are using in your control.