How to default the vizzes to blank until the user selection is made through controls?

Hello experts,

I have a scenario wherein the dashboard need to be opened blank without any data displayed initially until the user makes any selection through controls, then the respective data should be displayed. I am able to achieve later portion in which I am able to restrict the data to user selection but by default I am unable to make it blank when the dashboard is opened. Any inputs how to achieve this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hello @krishna.c !

Assuming you have the filter controls already made, try deselecting the “select all” option and have the filter type set to filter list and filter condition set to “include” then hit apply. You will want to make sure that the filter is somewhere on the sheet so the user can manipulate it later.

I would publish this to your dashboard, or publish a test analysis, to test this.

Let me know if that works!

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Hello @duncan , Thanks for your response, I tried that and it worked.

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@krishna.c , Awesome, I’m glad that helped!