How to display multiple drill down layers on a line chart?

On a line chart, looking to display the highest level of the drill down layer hierarchy and then select a specific data segment for the fields that are underneath the highest level.

Hierarchy Example:

product_type > product_subtype > product_name


Display all product_type values (n=2) and display only 2 of the product_name values – 4 total lines on the chart to compare top level values with the breakdown of their lowest level product name.


The line chart visual only allows for the user to select one of the fields in the hierarchy. See the screenshot provided. Unsure if there is another charting option available (stacked area line chart) that may achieve the goal or if this can be accomplished with a calculated field.


you need you to create action using the MENU option, it required two things one is field mapping (filter) and second phone the name of visual you want to navigate.

Naveed Ali