How to recover analysis from unexpected error

  1. I am getting Unexpected error while accessing analysis to edit.

  2. It has already published dashboard working ok. But if I save analysis from dashboard and try to open it, I get same Unexpected error.

Any suggestions to troubleshoot or recover the analysis from the dashboard?


There are some trick you can use like see you calculation field or changes in last dataset.

Sometime we change the datatype or exclude some field etc which cause unexpected error.

You can recovery it by using script/cli etc. Dataset versioning features is available now.

you can replace your dataset with new one. This may help you.

Naveed Ali

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Thanks for the tips, Naveed.
In dataset everything looks normal, refreshes show no errors.
I am unable to open the analysis to try replace the dataset.

Looks like I will need to recreate a new analysis on this dataset!


Just follow the steps, this may help you. click on pencil sign and select the Replace. this will show you the source and target datasets.

Naveed Ali

Hi Naveed,
Your steps are feasible only if analysis opens, but I was getting Unexpected error screen when opening the Analysis and was unable to proceed further to analysis.

Today I see all those Analysis that were not able to open due to Unexpected error are now not showing that error anymore and I am able to open them with the visuals showing missing fields. I am now able to replace the dataset.

Thanks for your response and to the team who fixed the issue.

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