Analysis shows dataset data, but Dashboard shows 'No Data'

Hi, I have an analysis that works perfectly with the dataset data, but when I try to publish the analysis to our dashboard,a little message telling ‘import failed:failed’ and the data in this tab does not appear in the dashboard, only a message saying ‘No data’ appears in my visuals. How may I correct this problem?

Have you tried creating a new dashboard with this analysis and does it still not work?

Hi Max, if I create a new dashboard it works, but not in the one we are currently using

Hmm, there might be an issue with the dashboard to analysis link for that particular dashboard.

I’d say you have two options:

I would either replace the old dashboard with the new one you just made. Or you can open up a support case. Here are the steps to open a support case.

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Thank you for your answer, Max!