Update existing Dashboard from a new Analysis

I have mistakenly removed a dataset from an analysis instead of pressing replace, and this mistake is not reversable from what i know.

Currently to try and fix this issue, i have created a new analysis froma save as from the Dashboard, and corrected my mistake there by using Replace.

Howvere, now the analysis is not linked to the published dashboard and would need to create a new URL to publish the Dashboard.

Is there a way to resolve this issue ? to publish the new updated analysis with the simple replace dataset while still keeping the original URL ?

Hi @ame54 ,

Firstly I would like to know about fixing the original analysis. So when you delete any dataset, the related visuals error out. However if you again add the dataset, the visuals get reloaded. What was the error when you tried this step?

As the alternate process which you suggest, updating existing dashboard with new analysis, I am aware that it is not achievable through console but through cli commands. You can refer to the solution in this query for the step by step detailed process.


thnx for that responce, i did not know adding the dataset will reestablish all the same links.
I added the old dataset again, and then replaced it with the new target dataset and its working now.

I will check also the CLI solution for any other situations.