I have two date fields that I'm trying to figure out how to get percentage and total of records

I have an ID field and a start date field and a separate enrollment date field.
Trying to figure out how to show in a quicksight pivot table Total start dates and Percentage of start dates out of the total records. Basically a total count of start dates that show up by ID and then out of all records by ID percentage that have a value in the start date field. I’m also trying to do the same for Enrollment date.
Here is an example of what it looks like in Excel, and I’m trying to replicate the results in quicksight.

Hi @DanKP - Thanks for your question! I believe you shared the final row with the values (result) you want to see. Would you mind sharing a sample dataset from which you want to derive the final result?

Hi @DanKP
as you are using a pivot table maybe you can use the table calculation.

or you have to create a new field.


@DanKP -
Did either of the above suggestions help you solve your issue? If not, please provide the input data view so we can further help.

Thanks for the suggestions. We decided to let our programmers build a custom form to put the data together in a different program instead. I also tried everything I could think of in Q but nothing even close came up in the results even with all the fields added. Someday I think the machine learning will help laymen like me, but it looks like it has a way to go until it’s able to put more complex queries together. I was actually able to use basic formulas in Excel to get the desired result, but couldn’t figure out how to make it work in a pivot table. For now I’ve shelved quicksight but I would like to revisit it again some time in the future.