I need to show title of the column in the Bar chart not the content of the column is it possible

I need to show title of the column in the bar chart not the content since it is already available, I tried to use properties → visual → data label but it again showing the content not the title.

My requirement is not showing the title by just hovering through the bar but should be visible without that in some text.
In the screenshot below I tried to write it down the month name on the bar to show what is needed.

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Hello @Omer, welcome to the QuickSight community!

After some testing on my end, there does not seem to be a way to manage this within the visual itself. The only thing that the data labels will populate on the bar chart visual, will be the values from the values field well. It does not have the functionality to display the names for the group/color by fields.

The only possible work-around I can think of would be to utilize the free-form layout and place text boxes on each section of the bar chart. The main downside to this would be that the 4 months you are showing in the group by would have to be static. You could at least have each of them dynamically update to show the 4 most recent months, but it would only ever display those options.

You could set them with 4 different parameter values to display the 4 different month names on the visual.

I can also tag this topic as a feature request since this is a limitation with QuickSight. Thank you for your feedback and let me know if you have any remaining questions!