I'm being charged for more author accounts than the ones I see in the Manage Quicksight page

When I check the Cost and Usage Report I’m being charged for 53 users at 24 per month.
However when I enter the manage Quicksight page I only see 17 between admin and authors. There are no groups shown. There was a clean up of users last month but is does not seam to have been reflected in the price.

I know I’m missing something but can’t figure out what it is.



Clean you account and take screenshots of them and contact to AWS support team.
They will review your activities on account and plan for refund.

AWS most of the time refund if account not using and mistakenly remain active :slight_smile:

I got my three months billed amount reimbursed as I mistakenly forget to clean account.

Naveed Ali

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Authors are charged at a prorated rate when you add them in the middle of a billing period. They are charged until the end of the billing period if you delete them during the billing period. So depending on what time range you are looking at in your cost and usage report you may still see them in there, but there is a coefficient applied (I dont remember the column name off top of my head) that applies the proration. You should not see them on your next month’s bill at all though.