AWS quicksight subscription

Currently my AWS quicksight account is running on trial which will end on 26 August. However I have subscribed to an author account which will begin on 01 September (The earliest subscription date allowed) which will only billed at the end of the September. Since the trial will expire before the start of the paid subscription, will there be any issues faced, i.e. dashboards created during the trial deleted etc?

Hi @mobilytics - you will not have any disruption of access to your account. The ‘subscription’ for authors means you are committing to being billed monthly for 1 year at a rate of $18/author/month. For that few day gap you will be billed a prorated daily value of $24/author/month (which is the month-to-month price, meaning without a subscription). So it will be a few dollars for the rest of Aug for that user.

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