Need to add Quicksight monthly subscription mid-month or current date

We are new to Quicksight and need to add users in all 3 roles. The setup has been completed but the users need to be given a subscription license to sign in. The option to add a subscription defaults to a start date of the 1st day of the next month. For example, even though today is Feb 1, the start date is Mar 1. We need the licenses to be activated as of today.

Is there any way to establish a current day start date for the licenses?


Welcome to QuickSight Community .

There is no license keys need to be shared to users in QuickSight.
You can invite the users in the admin console by providing email id’s for the users managed within QuickSight.

Users will get invitation email to complete the signup & password setup process.

Once users are added for the first month it will be charged on pro-rated basis and users will be able to access QuickSight immediately, subsequently charges for Author will be either be 24$/Month or you can add Annual subscription for Authors to charged at 18$/Month . Having Annual subscription is not a pre-requisite/mandate for QuickSight Authors.

Please check the below pricing site for more details.