QuickSight - Author billing

Hi Team,
Author billing:
1> Say I have an user who is an author and the author will be moving to a different team on 15th of the month and won’t need access to QuickSight.
In this case, if the user is using the account till 15th of the month, will they be charged for the whole month as per $24/user/month billing?
FYI… The monthly billing for this author started from 1st of the month.

2> A new author will start from the 16th of the month:
What is a better way to handle this?
Delete the current user and Transfer ownership of the assets to the new user or delete the current user and create a new one?

3> If we transfer the ownership to a different author and the new author starts on 16th of the month, when will the billing start for the new author?
Will the billing start from 16th of the month or will it start from the 1st of the month as the author who is leaving the team have used it only for 15 days.
4> If the billing starts from 16th of the month for the new author, the next bill the user will get is on 16th of the next month?

5> I believe once the user (author) is created, when the author logs in the billing will start from that day. correct?
Say if the user (account) was created on 16th of the month and the user (author) logs in on the 1st of the next month, will the billing start from the 1st of the next month?

6> What is the best recommended way to create QuickSight users?
I know we have multiple ways to do it but wanted to know what we recommend to go with.

Thank you!

Hi @QuickSightRokie,

The charges will be prorated. If you remove your existing author on the 15th, you’ll just pay for half a month. Billing for your new author will also start on the day that you add them. If you add them on the 16th, you’ll pay for half a month for that author.

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to delete the existing author before transferring ownership (never tried it). You may have to add the new author, transfer ownership of the assets first and then delete the existing author.

I don’t think there’s really a recommended way to create QuickSight users. It depends on your use case, e.g. number of users you need to add, whether they are IAM users or not, etc.


Thank you so much @David_Wong !
Is there any documentation that provides more clarity on the author billing?

I believe the author billing starts not after the author is created, I believe the billing starts when the author starts using QuickSight. Correct?
Thank you!