Invited users end up on AWS sign up screen

I’ve had this happen with 2 users recently, and I think the QuickSight team needs to study this UX problem.

After inviting a user to QuickSight via the standard user invite functionality, users report ending up on the AWS (as in AWS Console) sign-up screen and being really confused as to what they need to do.

I don’t know how they end up there, and they also cannot explain or trace back the steps. But there must be a misplaced or confusing link somewhere that redirects them to the AWS login page, where they probably due to lack of account, and being in the context of “i need to sign up” click to sign up for AWS.

Keep in mind that many QuickSight users are not technical, so the UX needs to be very smooth and polished. I am reluctant to recommend QuickSight to our customers because the UX has been really poor and people complain.

My hunch is that this happens after the invite expiry, as both of the users have tried to register a bit later than the invite was sent. I don’t know how long the invite is valid though.

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I’ll mark this as an error and hopefully get someone to look at it soon.