Is it possible to let users control the fields for a visual?

Basically, I have an analysis with a dataset of survey results in Quicksight with about 50 survey questions assigned a numerical score, and each of these questions is a field in Quicksight. What I’d like to do is have the user of the dashboard be able to select the question that they’re interested in and see a line chart for the trends in the score of that question over time. Is that possible, or is there any way to accomplish something similar with such a large number of fields? I don’t want to create a visual for each one since it slows down the analysis, nor do I want all of the lines jumbled up on one graph (it will only let you do 10 anyway).

You can do it with a parameter and an ifelse. It will be a long ifelse because of all the fields but you can do it.


Then you would plot this as your value in your line chart ^

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