Is It Possible to Show Different Currency Symbol for Same Field in Same Visual (By Using Other Attribute Values)

I am Showing All Currency Values in Single Table in one Visual But would like to Add Currency Symbol In front of Each Currency Based on Country Code Value. Is it Possible in Quick Sight?
Example below :

Not really. However, you could write a calculated field to convert the number to a string and then concat() it with the appropriate symbol. It would work fine in a Table, but not in a Pivot Table (because the result will be a string, and can only put numerical values in the inside cells of a pivot table.

Thanks for Quick Reply. Infact i did the same for table but if i would like to use in another Visual or Pivot its not Possible.

I’ll mark this as a feature request. Thank you

Awesome. Thanks Much.

Given the way you are displaying it in your example, did you try achieving this via conditional formatting? and adding a custom condition with the currency symbol as icon? Will need to assign a numeric figure for each country and then aggregate as minimum and use that in your condition … but should achieve what you want