Is safe joining between datasets on QuickSight?

Hello everybody,

I have two practically identical tables, but each one has a particularity.
I have an ID in two tables and I need to do a join in QuickSight, because I need to create a dashboard, in which a tab will use one of the tables and a second tab that will use the second table.
I tried to do it in QuickSight, inserting each one of them as a dataset, then I edited the first database, added a new dataset and made the join between them (inner join) with this ID field.
I would like to know if this direct join in QuickSight is safe and reliable.


@July Can you define safe and reliable?


Hi @July - It depends upon the requirement. QS has the capability to join 2 tables and result can be used for your analysis. If you can give the requirement in detail, that will help in guiding you the right solution.

Regards - Sanjeeb


Hi @Sanjeeb2022

So I have a dashboard that has two panels, in the first panel I need to use the first dataset, and in the second panel I need to use the second dataset. Both are a little different, but I need to do two separate datasets because of the business rule.
So, I made the join between these two datasets, using a code that is present in both datasets.
Is this correct?

Thank you!

@July you only need to join them if you want to use combined data for the visual.
If you are going to use them is separate visual, you can select the respective dataset.



In the same dashboard, with 2 worksheets, can I use a different dataset for each worksheet of the same dashboard?

Yes @July - You can use 2 different datasets for each worksheet of the same dashboard

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@July Visuals and Filters are tied with the dataset.


Good to see awesome collaboration in AWS Quicksight community in resolving this question.

Thank you all.

Regards - Sanjeeb