Is it possible to have two separate data models?

I’d like to display the content of 2 csv files in QuickSight.
Is it possible ?
The issue is both files are independent (no common field(s), can’t be joined), and when I try to add the second table in a dataset, the interface seems to force me to join data.

So do you know a way to do it ?


Hi @bherard ,

If you try to bring both csv files in 1 dataset , then it will ask you to join. Create 2 separate datasets and use them in your dashboard.

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Ok, Thanks,
I’ve created a dataset with File 1, then I created a dataset with File 2 in which I tried to load the File 1 dataset.

I tried but
QuickSight asked me to join the 2 datasets (I’m forced to set a join to save the new dataset).
Am I missing something ?

Hi @bherard ,

Create an analysis from dataset which was created using file 1. Add the dataset created using file 2 into the analysis.

Click on pencil icon next Dataset ( brand_sql)


Thanks, I completly missed the fact an Analysis can use different dataset :smiley: :+1:

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