Is there a way to display the legend in the data labels?

Hello! I would like to be able to display the legend values in the data labels of my stacked bar chart. This way I might be about to remove the legend entirely. When I click “Show data labels”, it allows me to display the percentage of each segment in my stacked bar chart. However, I would like the legend to display the legend values as well or even instead of the percent. I understand that the tool tip can be formatted to include both the legend value and the percent, but I was hoping to have it be a static part of the display.

In my visual below you can see that the tool tip will show “Starbucks Dark Roast. 28.57%”, but I want the text “Starbucks Dark Roast” to appear in the light blue segment next to the black font “28.57%” of the stacked bar. Any ideas? Thank you!

What I’ve got :frowning_face::

What I want :star_struck::


Hello @kakervall, that would be a helpful tool! I will archive this question but keep it tagged as a feature request. Thanks for the suggestion!