Jira (cloud) data source - no custom sql and long SPICE refresh times?

new data source for jira cloud

Only 2 tables available: Projects and Issues. Is this all the tables there are available?

I got connected and it took 46 minutes to spice refresh the “issues” table of 285 rows - 729 KB. It has about 100 columns.

Also, i can’t write any custom SQL on these tables/data sets - is that expected? It would be much nicer to query this data using SQL and join with other data sets then having to do everything with calculated fields.

Any insight appreciated.

You can perform join operations on Quicksight data sets, for Jira or with any other quicksight supported data sources today.
SPICE supports 2000 columns and 500GB of data per dataset. Check, if any issues on Jira side to retrieve the data. Please submit a support ticket to further look into this issue.