Limitations on filled maps?

Hi community,

I am just setting up a new analysis using a map chart. In my data I have all German postal codes within a geospatial hierarchy, aggreating up to a static country level ‘DE’.

When I set up a new filled map and fill it with country & postal code the visual raises the following error on the postal code level (country level work fine):

Unable to render chart. Please refresh the page to try again.

Refreshing unfortunately does not help.

When I switch the visual to Point on Map the chart will be displayed properly.
When I now zoom in a little bit on the points map and switch back to the filled map everything is being rendered properly then. Zooming back out on the filled map will result in the same error as described above.

Are there any limitations on the amount of post code polygons for filled maps that result in such an error? Did someone encounter this too?

Best regards,

I believe there is a limit but I don’t know the limit off of the top of my head.

We have encountered this before. The only way we were able to solve it was to make sure that it loads with a filter and then we toggle the filter.

Not the best UI experience but that’s how we got around it.