Link filter between different datasets

I have two datasets with a common field:

- A
--- commonField
--- dateA

- B
--- commonField
--- dateB

Right now I am filtering the commonField in dataset A by a date interval, resulting in a table where dateA fulfill the date condition.

Now I want to show a table with commonField and dateB from dataset B given the filtered rows from dataset A in the previous step, using the A.commonField information.

The only way I actually found to do this is by filtering using custom actions: clicking on a singlecommonField in dataset A, the table containing the dataset B information will filter by that commonField element, but…

Do I have to do this element by element, since the custom action activates when I select a single commonField in A? Can I select multiple elements?
Is there another way to filter dataset B given the filtered commonField from dataset A?

I would like to omit a join of both datasets since it would lead to duplicated data in my project.

Thanks in advance!

Hi you should be able to do this if you name both of the fields the same name in each dataset and then click apply filter to all applicable visuals.


That would work if I would have computed the filter directly on commonField, but that is not the case since I want to filter A.commonField given a filter on A.dateA, and then indirectly filter all the fields in dataset B by the filtered A.commonField.

Your question is similar to the following : Filter one table visual based on other table visual's result - #4 by Koushik_Muthanna .

@Koushik_Muthanna Thanks for the referenced post, I will take a look at the proposed solution for multifiltering.