Multiple headers in pivot table

I’m trying to create a report with the following columns - Loss Bucket, Month, Region, Value, Target. The issue I’m facing is that some of the loss buckets are tracked at a month’s lag where as the other one’s are tracked on latest one. Is there a way I can add sub headings for columns(which is month) based on the loss bucket and their lag, or is there any way I can use 2 different datasets in a single visual so that I can create a separate spice for the 2 types of loss buckets and create pivot tables for them.

This is what I have right now.

Is there any way I can achieve this on QS

Hi @ksheenaa,

having different headers in the same column looks a bit strange to me.

You cant use 2 different datasets in one visual. You could join them or use multible visuals.


Hello @ksheenaa, just to clarify, Erik meant that you cannot use multiple datasets in a single visual. His suggestion about joining datasets in QuickSight or even doing it through custom SQL is probably your best option. Since we haven’t received a response, I will mark this as a solution for now, but if you need assistance after attempting the join or if there are still issues with the visualization, please let us know!