Not able to connect on-prem oracle db from quicksight

Hi Everyone,

We are trying to add on-prem oracle database as a data source in quicksight(us-east-1) via AWS direct connect. As the db is in a firewall radar we have added the outbound dns resolver and whitelisted those ips at db end. When trying to create a data source we are getting below error :

Amazon QuickSight cannot connect to this database. The IP address of the host can’t be determined. Check that the server is running and that the QuickSight data source is validated. Show details

For the hostname we are using the FQDN name of the database.

Can someone help us with this issue or share us any reference document to connect quicksight to a on prem database?

Hi @kiranmadamanchi - I believe this may be an firewall issue. You need to allow the incoming traffic from QuickSight to Oracle database which is hosted in On prem. Please see the IP details below - AWS Regions, websites, IP address ranges, and endpoints - Amazon QuickSight

Please request your network team whether they are getting any ping to your organization firewall or not from the IP mentioned in the link ( for your region). They have to allow that.

Regards - Sanjeeb