Orphan refresh alerts

I had a refresh setup every time a dataset was loaded to SPICE. I deleted the datasets. However, those alert with failed messages keep coming to my email now multiple times a day. How to get rid of those?

Is there a “View Dashboard” button in the alert email?
Can you click on it to open the dashboard? Do you see the alerts that were configured before and can you delete them? (Alerts are associated with the dashboard, not the dataset. That is why deleting the dataset did not get rid of the alerts)

This is the email. There is no view dashboard link, but there is a view dataset link in the body which takes me to nowhere as I have deleted the dataset. Prior to deletion, the dataset was refreshing SPICE from Athena/S3.

Subject: QuickSight dataset failed to refresh
Body: A problem occurred during the refresh of your SPICE dataset for the account . Here are the details:

A general SQL error occurred. This error can be caused by query timeouts, resource constraints, unexpected data definition language (DDL) changes before or during a query, and other database errors. Check your database settings and your query, and try again.

I had similar but different issue of getting email alert after I deleted the visual with the alert. I had to click the “Alterts” button on the top right of a dashboard to delete. Not sure whether it will make better sense to associate the alert to visual?

Thanks. The issue is I have deleted the dashboard as well.


It seems the question is not about email alerts but rather about SPICE ingestion failures.
As mentioned, you should have a “View Dataset” button in these emails… copy its link. It should have a format similar to the link below:

Then run

aws quicksight describe-data-set --data-set-id xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx --aws-account-id xxxxxxxxxxx

using an admin account to confirm that the dataset is really removed and not just the permissions are deleted (as might be the case). If you still see the dataset then use

aws quicksight delete-data-set --data-set-id xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx --aws-account-id xxxxxxxxxxx

There is a hyperlink in the emails, but when I click on it, it takes to an empty page with the message:

“This dataset isn’t available

It might have been deleted or you don’t have permission to view it.”


Yes I wanted to determine if the dataset is still there but you lost permissions to access it. If you look into the link itself (by copying the url from the button in the email) you should be able to extract the dataset id and run the commands above to delete it completely if it exists.