Others group in the vertical stacked bar chart

We have a problem with the vertical stacked bar chart. The problem is that it must make a calculation to obtain a % (percentage), which is the sum of the amounts grouped in a segment/product as numerator and the sum of the amounts grouped by the item of these as denominator.
Category (Qty 1 data point)
Segment (Qty 5 data points)
Product (Qty 800 data points)

The chart has the option to discriminate each data point with a maximum allowed for that chart of 100 data points, so the remaining ones should be grouped in “Others”, but it is not solving it correctly.
Do you have any suggestions?

Hmmm, you might look to do a drill down instead of displaying all of it on one visual.

Or you could look to do some action that filters it as well.

Thank you Max for your response. In this case it is necessary to keep all the information in the chart. We tried to use the solution you mentioned, but when we want to filter some product that is grouped within the “Other” custom filter, quicksight does not show the detail of that product instead it shows “Other” because the specific product is within that group.

Unfortunately the 100 data point is a limitation of quicksight.