Pivot Table Totals blank

Hello! I am trying to determine why my pivot table totals are blank for some of my calculated fields. My calculated fields are dependent on created_at date (aggregated by month in the table) and patient_id.

My calculated column is:
Churn MoM= ifelse({Enrolled Patients Last Month}-{Enrolled Patients}=1,1,0).
Thus, I would expect to see a total sum of all the values of “1” per patient_id, but it is blank.

When I export to Excel and create a PivotTable this works just fine but obviously that is not ideal!

I have tried using the following sumOver and runningsum functions to get totals to display on the pivot table but not having any luck with these as well:
ifelse({Churned MoM}=1,
{Churned MoM},
[{created_at} ASC],

runningSum({Churned Count}, [{created_at} ASC])

Thanks for the help!

Hi @shanna5

I think problem with Enrolled Patients Last Month … could you please share screen shot of the enrolled patients last month calculation expression and also the field well screenshot to see the datatype .


Hi Vinod,

Here is the formula for Enrolled Patients Last Month:

and here are the field wells for the Pivot Table:

Thank you!

Hi @shanna5

Can you please also share calculation expression screenshot of Enrolled Patients field as well … wondering why aggregation for the Enrolled Patients is custom .

sure, had to retract most fields but it is a distinct_countIf formula based on fields from the time-series dataset

Hi @shanna5

Currently not possible to get the overall total for the calculations involving distinct with LAC/Period functions . Let me ping you separately to get more details to update product feature request .


Thank you, that would be a great feature to have!