Plotting median of LAC fields not working

Trying to plot the median of my values in a line chart but receiving the following error:

The level aware calculation aggregate expressions dont work with other category calculations at the moment. Please remove the LAC aggregation expression from metrics, or turn off the default other category calculation in the visual options.

I have dates on the x-axis, the medians of a LAC calculated field (conversion rate) on the y-axis, and am using product categories as the line colours. When I create a table which groups by date, category and displays the medians as values then it works no problem, but trying to turn this into a line graph I get an error.

What I find strange is when I plot the mean, there is no issue. But when I try to plot the median I get an error!

What’s stranger is if I download the table as a CSV, then import the CSV as a dataset and plot it, it works. This is not ideal however as I would like my data to be updating. Is there possibly a way to simply put the contents of a table in quicksight into a line chart? I don’t need to perform any aggregations as these have all been calculated in the table.

Anyone have any ideas?

I’m assuming it’s because of the way medians are calculated.

Can you try and group the median?