[Question] Confirmation of password when creating a new Data Set (manual connection to Redshift) with Quick Sight

I joined the QuickSight Community for the first time. I have a question about the title.
When connecting to Redshift manually, it is necessary to enter the “data source name,” “instance ID,” “connection type,” “database name,” “user name,” and “password.”
Among these, could you tell me how to set a “password”?
Since Amazon users can log in with “amazonbi,” there is no opportunity to set a “password” on QuickSight.
Even if I enter my various registered “passwords” on Amazon, an error occurs, so I would like to resolve it.
I’m sorry this is a rudimentary question, but it would be really helpful if someone could answer it.

Hi @tagnobuy ,

Thanks for reaching out. I would recommend you to check internally #quicksight-users slack channel onboarding wiki for amazonbi.

Kind regards,


Hi @Koushik_Muthanna san,
Thank you so much for your kind advice in response to my rudimentary questions.
I joined the “quicksight -users slack channel.”
Additionally, I checked the “onboarding wiki.”
It hasn’t been solved yet, but I’m glad you helped. thank you.