Questions about date formats

Good morning everything is fine? I’m trying to bring data that comes in the Salesforce date format, in the format that I’m sending in the image

And I would like it to change to the day-month-year hour and minute format, but when I try, it gives an error

I’m trying to put

dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm

and it is bringing this error

An error was encountered when trying to validate the data format. Try again.

how can i format to bring to me, in this format date?

Hi @GuiOliveira14511
how does “Salesforce date format” look like?

in salesforce,

this is the format

inside quicksight it is showing like this:


So the date format in the dataset is already recognized and you want to format it in a different way, right?
Can you create a calculated field with formatDate?

Yes, that’s right, but why, when the panels give you the option of formatting the dates, don’t you recognize it? Is there a need to create a calculated field?

I want to try to get a different way as you are getting an error with that option

Hi ErikG, I had to use the calculated field, but one question, for these other panels that are tables, to show 0 too, is it possible? or not? since these types of tables depend on 2 different objects? (2 values)

Where do you want to show 0?

in the right dashboard

currently, if there is nothing, it shows no data, in this case I want to show a 0 too… remembering that it uses 2 records, one on the x axis and the other on the y

Why do you want to show the 0 items?

The client requested, because currently the panel is incorporated via C#, there is no translation… so instead of showing No data in Portuguese, it is showing in English, and the client finds it a little ugly, is there a way? If it doesn’t exist, I’ll let you know.

Because for example, it is a panel that shows information related to x vehicle companies, with a parameter that is the company ID, and not always all companies, for example, will have vehicles with debts(in the case of this panel I would like to show 0) so the ideal would be to show the 0, not the no data, if there is something I can do ok, if not, I pass it on to the client, I needed to know, so as not to get stuck in a demand for which there is no solution for now

so you want to show it like

I’m already showing the data, what I would like is that, when it doesn’t meet the parameters (and doesn’t return anything) it shows 0

The same happens in others (look at the image)

Did you tried something like ifelse(isnull(sumOver(measure,[dimension]),0,measure)

Hello @GuiOliveira14511 !

Was @ErikG 's suggestion helpful, and if so could you mark their comment as the solution to help the community?

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