QuickSight - Data resides in MS SQL Server

Hello! I’m new to AWS world. I would like to use QuickSight BI service for my product (does not reside in cloud). The data currently resides in MS SQL Server.
To embed the QuickSight dashboards into my product, do I need to migrate the data from MS SQL Server into S3 or RDS? The data in MS SQL Server is updated everyday thru an ETL tool.
An overall QuickSight integration workflow will help.
Thank you


There are many to do this.
You can use Glue ETL service to upload data in S3 and used in Quicksight.
Other way, you can extract data in CSV and upload in Quicksight. Write some DB jobs to extract data periodically and configure the Quicksight refreshes to upload.
The other way you can use the mysql local database with QS directly. if you configure your database as public with white listed IP’s.

Naveed Ali