Replacing dataset for visuals after first deleting the old one


I tried to replace a dataset with a different one (containing all the exact same fields). Instead of clicking “replace”, I accidentally clicked “remove” and deleted the dataset from the analysis.

I now have an analysis which has loads of broken visuals because the dataset was removed. I have added in my new one, but is there a way I can now link this one to all the broken visuals, without having to re-create everything?

I am using AmazonBI quicksight account

@joshidip when you select the broken visual in analysis, on top left corner you will see associated dataset, you can click there and replace the non exist dataset with the correct one

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@nshah-quicksight Thanks for the reply. When I do that, nothing happens. It shows me the field list of the new dataset, but the fields creating my visual are not replaced by the fields in the new dataset

If the new dataset includes all the fields required by the visual with their expected type, it will be assigned to visual, if not, you have to remap fields to visual.

Not sure what you are expecting

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@nshah-quicksight what happens to calculated fields if a dataset is removed from an analysis? Do they stay but with an error or are they deleted?

@joshidip calculated fields are tied with dataset, when you delete the dataset, they get deleted as well

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