RLS and Inviting Readers

Hello All:
A AWS/Quicksight newbie here.
I have data for 20 stores. Each store should only be able to see charts derived from their own data. I think I have RLS implemented .The data has a col called UserName which happens to be a town. The second csv file , the Querying one , also has a col called Username. In the QS datasets panel I see a lock symbol on the data. In QS >manage I created read only user who’s name = UserName and invited them. To my chagrin when the invited logged in the plot was not limited to their store.

Can someone tell me the many things I am not understanding?


If you want a user who is viewing a dashboard only see certain stores, you should map the username to store/stores.
The workshop example should help you understand RLS. You can download the example file and then modify it to fit your requirement