Same colors for same data fields

When I have two visuals in one analysis/dashboard tab is it possible to “link” the colors between them, so that the same entries have the same color ?
More detailled, imagine I have a view which shows no. of customer orders, left for last 30 days, right for last 7 days.
Maybe in the last 30 days, customers A, B, C, D, E have an entry, but in the last 7 days only C and D.
I would like that between both visuals, colors would be aligned, i.e. customers C and D have the same color.
Is that somehow possible without defining the color for each one manually as this would be a lot of work?

Presently, the only way possible is to set the colors manually for each of the chart. However, as part of 2022 Roadmap we are working on providing consistent coloring options across charts, so that you don’t have to define the colors separately for each of the charts.

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