Schedule refresh not working


I set up a schedule refresh each 15 min but it is not executed. Could you please help?

Thank you.

Hi Truong,

Do you see any error when the refresh does not execute? Please share a screenshot of your data set refresh history, along with any details in ‘show details’ dialog (if there are any errors).

Hi, there is no error on the website. A manual refresh works.

I configure the dataset like this:

And this is how the increment refresh is configured:

A schedule full refresh works, but not a schedule incremental refresh.

What is the solution for this problem? @namtruong and @lillie

Hi Sim. Are you experiencing this? Can you please provide details on what you’re experiencing?

Hi Lillie,
I would like to create schedule in 15 minutely. I have created incremental refresh but didn’t find ‘Repeats’ choice. What should I do?
Here this article I used: Refreshing SPICE data - Amazon QuickSight

Hi @sim I don’t have any solution for this. I’m using now a full data refresh schedule and waiting until incremental schedule is working.

Hi @namtruong,
How often do you make an incremental?

Thank you,