Scheduled Reporting showing NO DATA for table in dashboard

I currently own a dashboard and I am trying to set up scheduled reporting. I selected a few tables to include as an attached excel file. One of the tables continues to show “no data” when the automated report is sent via email. I’m looking for a way to fix this. Below are some attempts at solutions that have failed:

  • configuring RLS: regardless of if RLS is applied to the dataset, attachment still shows no data
  • filters: confirmed that there are no filters applied to the visual when scheduled report is set up
  • visual type: I’m trying to include a pivot table in the attached file of the scheduled quicksight report. tested other pivot tables, and they are populated with data in scheduled quicksight report.
  • removing hidden fields from pivot table: still shows no data.
  • free form vs tiled view of dashboard: I had filter tiles in front of the blank space of the pivot table and thought this may be interfering. I switched between free form and tiled view, and moved the filters to their own blank space, pivot table still showed no data.

Hello @caitlinx, I appreciate you sending the detailed debugging process you went through before posting the question, it helps a lot. I know you mentioned configuring RLS, but one thing that comes to mind are possible Permissions Groups that may be configured. Is it possible that specific dataset is linked so some kind of user group within QuickSight that may be causing the issue rather than a user level permission?

Another possible issue could be the size of the report. I saw on this documentation a 10MB maximum constraint is in place so maybe too many rows are being used in the visual causing it to error out. Let me know if that helps!

Hello @caitlinx, did my response help you resolve your issue in QuickSight? If so, feel free to mark it as a solution. If not, please follow-up with some more details about the issue you are facing and I can try to guide you toward a solution. Thank you!

Just marked - I believe it’s the size of the report. Thanks!

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