See SQL behind datasource without access

Is it possible to see what is the custom SQL and schedule refresh of a datasource without being an owner of the datasource? I don’t want to edit them, just viewing them. Thanks!

Only users having owner permission on Data source can view the customer SQL in data set. And you need owner access on Dataset to schedule refresh.

Thanks for your reply. Why can’t we just see the SQL (even without editing access) behind the datasource? How could we know what we’re looking at?

@jtrinco The logic is that if you dont have access to the data source then you shouldnt be able to see schema names, table names, field names, etc (all the stuff that comes in the ‘Schema explorer’ that shows when you are writing/editing Custom SQL). That stuff should only be visible to someone who can access the database themselves (i.e. have access to a data source). I know it causes extra friction with the extra step, but its a security-related thing.

Thank you Jesse for the extra info!! One follow-up question: if I have access to the underlying database but not the created datasource itself, is there a possibility for me to have read access to the SQL code?

@jtrinco Having access to underlying database, will not give permission to view custom SQL in dataset. Having owner access to Quicksight data source can only provide permission to view SQL in dataset