SPICE cost on Enterprise Edition

I’m just learning and have Enterprise Edition Quicksight. If I remain under the 1 GB SPICE will I get charged if I have fewer than 10 sessions per month? How does that work - do I have to have a plan or can I just stay on SPICE?


SPCIE cost 1 GB @ .38$

You can see QuickSight pricing here: Amazon QuickSight Pricing - Business Intelligence Service - Amazon Web Services. Naveed is right on the spice cost per month per GB

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That part I’ve seen but it doesn’t tell me if I have to have the $250/month plan or the standard plan. I can handle $0.38 while I learn but not $250.


If i understand correctly, you have an ADMIN or AUTHOR account for which you are already paying.
The number of sessions here does not have relation to SPICE capacity, so you will not get charged for sessions.

The pricing for READERS ( those who can only access dashboards that have been published ) is different : user pricing and capacity pricing .


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