Timestamp formatting string getting reverted?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to format a timestamp as “MM-DD_HH” on my charts to make the key information easily visible on mobile, but every time I try to apply the formatting by clicking “Apply language format”, the custom format string gets instantly reverted to some default of “MM-DD-YYYY h:mm a”. Am I running into some invisible error?

side information: the data source is SPICE, this is happening for chart types Line and Vertical Bar Chart


Don’t click on “Apply language format”

You should be able to just input that into the custom field and leave it.


@Max Nice, thanks.

so I guess “Apply language format” just happens to be where “Apply” would be in a typical UI but instead overwrites everything with some preset??

Yeah it’s a little confusing.

However, this is what the “Apply language format” can do.