URGENT URGENT! analysis stopped working

URGENT - one analysis not loading visuals, data is good and it seems to be working perfectly with other analyses and visualization.
Spice refresh passed
when i click on the the visuals i can see the title only and the visual is stuck on “loading”

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Hi @Gal

Hard to diagnose the problem without more details.

One of the more common causes is when you change the level of aggregation of a calculated field that’s already in your field well.

1. Make a copy of your analysis

a. If you only have a couple fields try replacing them (drag it on top of the field again)
b. Try removing your fields 1 by 1 until the visual “works”. This will help you narrow the problem down to the field causing it.

I’m going to mark the above as the solution. Let me know if this didn’t resolve the problem for you