URL in Excel Sheet Export


I am exporting a table in excel and one of the Columns (see below, column “link”) has URL’s. When I open the excel file, I can’t click on the URL. Is there any way to make these URL’s clickable?


Hi @hdezeduardo - I believe excel is treated as Text and that is why it is not clickable. Can you try to export it in csv and check this. Also in analysis, are you able to click the url from the analysis.

If the issue persists, we need to engage QuickSight product team to see whether it is a product problem and something we need to change in the config.

Tagging some experts for their quick advise - @duncan @ErikG @David_Wong

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hi @hdezeduardo
as @Sanjeeb2022 explained it’s a Excel format “issue”. I would expect if you edit the cell in Excel and hit enter it will show as a link.


@hdezeduardo, I will flag this as a feature request. In the interim you can use approach recommended as work around solution or convert those cells into hyperlink using =HYPERLINK(cell number).