Using parameters to switch visualisations

Hi there, I am wondering if there is functionality to be able to swap visualisations out based on an input parameter.

I have included an image for reference.

What I would like to do is change the drop down select on the parameter control to show certain variables on demand. This would be handy because it enables me to group variables based on their scale on the y axis.

I am wondering if this is possible?

See image below whereby it is currently filtered on “Production”. I have set a rule to show this when the box is ticked. Ideally, I would like to tick the other boxes independently to show a different set of variables.

Hoping someone can help!

You can try to create analysis level Calculated field to conditionally change the value context based on input parameter. It could be written like

Same approach can be taken for whatever number pf measures you want to project e.g. one for Gas and another one for Water. Hope this helps!

I will check this out. Many thanks!

Hi @jacksons ,

There is an example similar to this on our democentral page which might be of interest. It shows dynamic dimensions and measures.

You might also want to look at the conditional rendering example.

Let us know if you have any questions on those!

Hi Sagmukhe, I have found this very useful and been able to apply to a number of applications in my analysis. Where I was stuck a little was being able to use the control to select and deselect groups of variables.

I have included some code of what I mean, but it is of course erroneous.

I am also seeing a comment down below which is on dynamic dimensions and measures and rendering based on conditions but am yet to find a solution to my problem in this instance too.

Please let me know if this is not clear.


Hi @robkc both solutions have given me more knowledge, but the conditional rendering has been exactly what I needed to achieve my goal.

Hello @jacksons , Glad to know that my suggestion helped you. To your follow up question, I believe you are looking to project Fluid Above Pump and Gas Rate - these 2 variables in the Line Chart, when the user chooses “Fluid Level Above Pump” in the slicer selection. Similarly you want to project 3 variables when they chooses “Pump Speed”.

If this is the understanding, then you need to create 3 calculated fields with similar logic and project those 3 fields in the line chart and based on the selection, it will provide you the right representation.

The calculations would be something like

Measure 1:
ifelse(${multivariables} = “Fluid Level Above Pump”, {fluid_above_pump},
ifelse(${multivariables} = “Pump Speed”, {pump_speed}, null))
Measure 2:
ifelse(${multivariables} = “Fluid Level Above Pump”, {gas_rate},
ifelse(${multivariables} = “Pump Speed”, {pump_torque}, null))
Measure 3:
ifelse(${multivariables} = “Pump Speed”, {water_rate}, null)

Put these 3 in the Line Chart and if I undertood and interpreted your problem correctly, then that should work. Please let me know if this helps or makes sense. Cheers!

Thank you very much! I will check this out!