Vertical stacked bar chart doesn't show stack for all the values

We observed that Vertical stacked bar chart doesn’t show stack for all the values. Below is the example. Here color stack for Overage 10 to 15 is not shown in the first vertical bar. Please let us know if it is the issue from QuickSight or we are missing something.

Hmm it doesn’t seem like any of those numbers line up to the colors.

Can you confirm your group by is the same as what you are referencing in your tool tip / calculated field.

Is your value doing anything besides an aggregation?

Hi Max,

Its simple aggregation by one dimension (overage_band). And values do match with colors. Only thing is that color for all values are not showing up on chart. e.g. in above screenshot for first bar, we can see value for Overage 10 to 15 in tooltip but color is not shown for that value.

@Max , May I get some update here?

What is the overage_band dimension and what are speed events?

Are these calculated fields?

In your screen shot it looks like blue is the greatest color.

Can you share with me the field wells you are using and any filters you have?