Viewer on dataset can not see preview of results. Bug or intended?

When sharing customer SQL datasets on a connection that is shared with another viewer. The other user can only see the dataset, use it in analysis, and see the custom SQL. But not a preview of the results. Which is odd to me. Because that’s how you can ‘view’ the data. Is this intended behavior or a bug?

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Hi Jeroen,

If possible, could you please share a screenshot of where you are expecting preview of the data to be displayed? After clicking the dataset, when the user (who has reader view) selects “Edit Dataset”, can they see preview of the data?

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No, if the user has viewer rights. It can see everything when editing the dataset. But not the preview below. It can also not change the custom query, what makes sense. But it does not make sense that the viewer can not see the preview.

Thank you for the screenshot. Could you please let me know how you shared the dataset with the user? Typically datasets cannot be shared with a user who has reader permissions. Datasets can only be shared with users who have author/admin permissions.