VPC connection not ready

Hello everyone.
I’m a junior new to AWS services and I was tasked with visualizing RDS data with Quicksight.

We proceeded with basic settings to access RDS.

  • VPC
  • Security Group
  • Subnet
  • etc…

Finally, after setting up the VPC in Quicksight, the problem occurred.
I waited a very long time (more than 2 hours) for Quicksight’s VPC setup to be finalized. However, “Your VPC connection isn’t ready to use yet. Please try again shortly. Only the phrase ‘Show details’” is repeated, nothing is being processed.

The response from the server is below and is not suitable for guessing where the problem lies.

“errorCodeModelList”: [{
“exceptionDetails”: {},
“type”: “ERROR”
}, {
“exceptionDetails”: {},
“type”: “ERROR”

The reply message causes the Quicksight server to think that processing is slow.

If I wait longer than this, will there be a valid response (‘OK’ or misconfigured)?

I hope anyone can suggest me a solution.


I contacted the AWS tech center about this issue and got a reply that it is a ap-northeast-2 issue and action has been taken.