What is the cost for incremental refresh in spice quicksight?

What is the actual cost for an incremental refresh in spice quicksight?

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“For SPICE the only cost is the per GB charge. SPICE can be queried as much as you want without any additional charges.”

Please see below link for in depth explanation as this has been answered in the community before.

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What will be that single query cost. What will be that small amount of cost? I want to know the exact cost of that single query while dealing with incremental load.

@kunaltiwari thank you for your response. To get a bit more of clarification, do you mean query from SPICE or direct query from your source?


first-time spice will do full refresh then for an incremental refresh it will load new data. so for that incrementaL refresh how much it will cost every time when we do incremental refresh.

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Any incurred cost when refreshing SPICE datasets will depend on the datasource you’re connecting to. In the post given above, the datasource is Athena with data held in S3, therefore you would incur charges based on Athena pricing for “the data scanned by queries you run” and are “charged standard S3 rates for storage, requests, and data transfer”.
There is no QuickSight cost for each refresh, other than if you need to purchase additional SPICE capacity to store your SPICE datasets.
Can I ask what datasource(s) are you querying?

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