When to use 1-click embedding?

I see 1-click embedding gives an easy way to embed quicksight. Can this replace the sdk approach which is described in (Step 2: Generate the URL with the authentication code attached - Amazon QuickSight)?

I’m planning to use a registered user dashboard, not anonymous. Then, 1-click is not an option?

Instead of me writing up lambda code that generates embedding URLs with token, can I just generate 1-click urls and display them in the Angular code?

@tbdori , thank you for the question.

1 click embedding does support for registered users too. If you share a dashboard with single users/groups/entire enterprise, only those users can then access your dashboard. they will be challenged to enter their username/pwd for auth.

Now, 1 click embedding, the URL is static and doesnot change. This is recommended when you want to 1/do embedding in your internal applications or 2/ for public facing sites or 3/ a quick POC.

API based embedding URLs generated are 1 time use URLs with limited lifetime, this is important for security when embedding in external facing SaaS applications.

Hope this helps.