Access lost to a report

Hi! My manager used to have access to a Quicksight report called PAGE 0, but all of a sudden he lost it and we don´t know why. Could you provide some guidance on this?

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Hi @chinlind - First to fix the issue, please add your manager ID to the dashboard again. You can do it by go to the dashboard and click share and add your manager’s ID.

To know how the access has been revoked, please check the CloudTrail logs for QuickSight APIs. Each QuickSight API should be registered in CloudTrail logs for 90 days by default. Your admin can help you in getting those details.

Regards - San

Hi San, and thank you for your quick response!

However, I don´t have access to that dashboard, so I won´t be able to add my manager´s ID. How should we proceed on this case?


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Hi @chinlind - In that case, please request the Dashboard owner /Co-owner to give the access.

Regards - San

And by any chance do you know how can we identify the dashboard owner?

Hi @chinlind, Thanks for posting your query this things happen generally when the Owner of the dashboard remove your id for access the dashboard or it is no longer available means it got deleted.

So you need to first verify with the owner of the dashboard.

Thanks & Regards
Biswajit Dash

Hi @chinlind - Yes, you can request your AWS admin team to share the dashboard and see the owner. See one sample screenshot below.

Regards - San

Can you provide the link to access the “Share dashboard” screenshot? I am no longer able to access this report: