All applicable visuals filter - workaround required for new or modified data sets?


Whenever i have an “all applicable visuals” filter applied on a sheet, and then i add a new data set to the analysis or edit an existing data set to add a column with the same name, it does not automatically apply the filter to it.

Are either of these bugs or is this expected behavior? I personally would expect any added data set or added column to existing data set to automatically apply the filter to it if the column name is the same.

My workaround is to click on a different data set that has this filter applied, change the “all applicable visuals” setting temporarily to “this visual only” and then change it back to “all applicable visuals” → then the new or updated data sets will also have the filter applied to it as applicable visuals.


Hi @mangell,
Thank you for reaching out. This is the expected behavior. When a new data set is added to an analysis field mappings happen when the filter is updated. A message in QuickSight filters explains the following:

Filtering is performed only when all target fields are mapped. Field mappings form automatically when you add or update a filter. For changing field mappings, read more about field mapping.

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