Configuring Scheduled Reports (Embedded Dashboards)

Hi! We have a web-based application with embedded QuickSight dashboards and are in the process of configuring scheduled reports but running into issues. Reviewing the documentation does a “Reader” have to “subscribe” to the dashboard emails before receiving an actual email?

In the initial setup, I marked “send to all users with access”, with the expectation that all users with access (inherited via shared folders) would receive an email. As of now, only I as an “Author” has received an email.

This topic has been asked, but as noted by the QuickSight team - customer feedback drives development so I wanted to throw our name in the hat as another customer requesting this functionality.

Hi @acharchar, have the users accessed a dashboard previously? Noting in this doc that users must have “completed sign-up process to activate their subscription as Amazon QuickSight readers, authors, or admins”. So if you’ve just created the users and scheduled a report to be sent to them, then they would not get it if they are not yet active.

Hi, @Steph, I think that’s the rub. Our process is the following: a user logs into into a web application which provisions an account for the user in QuickSight. That account is then associated to a shared folder in QuickSight that houses the dashboards. This grants users access to the embedded dashboards in the web application. The user never gets a notification that they have been granted access to a dashboard but upon log into the application the dashboard is available for consumption.

When configuring the scheduling option, the only available recipients are the users under Users & Groups. . The thought was marking Send to all users with access would inherently include the users in the shared folder, making them all recipients of the email.


Hope this helps.

Thanks for your continued guidance!