Connect Jira to QuickSight

Greetings everyone, I’m looking to showcase all Jira issues with their respective fields in QuickSight for visualization purposes. When selecting the Jira dataset option in QuickSight, which URL should I choose? I randomly selected one, but it only gave me the option to choose between issues and projects, and the dataset import failed. I’m uncertain about the process; could you please provide guidance?
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Hi thucanh, welcome to the community!

Can you explain more on “which URL should I choose”. You need to select Site base URL (i.e. And what do you wanna see in the data?

Hi @imaitri,
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I’m aiming to extract fundamental information from tickets, including title, description, current status, timeline, assigned person, etc. However, I’m uncertain about the correct JIRA link to input for this purpose.

Hi @thucanh

you can create JIRA connection with site base URL ( and include API token as well.

Please create the API token in atlassian under Manage Account – Security – API Tokens – Create and Manage API Tokens

Once the datasource is created you will be able to access JIRA issues and create QuickSight dataset to analyze it further. And please note currently QuickSight JIRA connector supports only standard fields .


So, custom fields we include in JIRA won’t appear in QuickSight? Is there a solution for this, given we require numerous custom fields?

Hello @thucanh , @apjvinod , and @imaitri !

@thucanh are you still facing this issue or were you able to find a solution?

You could try the solution below: